Volunteer Computing

Quick summary about volunteer computing for school assignment..

Volunter computing is a type of distributed computing in which computer owners donate their computing resources (such as processing power and storage) to one or more “projects”[1].

Important characteristics of Volunteer Computing:

  1. Participating machines are not able to continuously connected or available to the system.
  2. It is highly dynamic, which means it has no guarantee how many participating machines will be available at given time or how long a given resource will be available in the system
  3. To reach certain level of availability, there are few methods:
  • Collective availability [2], possible to be used as distributed data storage [5,6]
  • Replication [3]
  • Erasure code [4]

Availability in volunteer computing can be classified into

  1. CPU availability, refers to the fact that CPU is available to perform computations in behalf of distributed system. It is related to available CPU resource for computation.
  2. Host availability, it is more general than CPU availability because it includes other computer resources such as disk.

Example of Volunteer Computing systems[7]:

  1. SETI@home[9]
  2. BOINC[10]
  3. XtremWeb[11]
  4. MyGrid[12]
  5. P3 [8]

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  1. Volunteer computing is very interesting field of informatics that has a potential to make a big impact to the community.

    Comcute is quite interesting volunteer computing project that make computations using only your browser. No additional software is needed, it’s all processed in JavaScript. And it’s not based on BOINC.

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