Rise of Network Virtualization

I’m planning to cover Network Virtualization topic for my next project in EEDC course. Main inspiration comes from this article from Technology Review, about Nicira. And here is my plan for the task that I present to our professor.

Network Virtualization is the next trend in Virtualization after OS virtualization. It allows user to easily reconfigure a network configuration in a cloud computing environment as well as increase security of the network. I believe there are other advantages, but I need to read more. Few references that I found are:

  1. Remus: High Availability via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Replication (http://static.usenix.org/event/nsdi08/tech/full_papers/cully/cully_html/)
  2. Openflow (http://www.openflow.org//documents/openflow-wp-latest.pdf)
  3. Nicira ( http://nicira.com/en/network-virtualization-platform).

Actually I’m inspired by an article in Technology Review about Nicira (http://www.technologyreview.com/web/39631/) so I’m thinking to give audience some example of Network Virtualization concept from Remus and Openflow and then continue with putting more emphasize of Nicira in term of its technology and a bit about its history.

Nicira itself is a startup company in Network Virtualization Platform, which is based on research of one of its co-founder. In this case, we can give example to our colleagues that Nicira is an example of company that uses researches from academia, and it takes few years to put researches result into concrete product.

According to the Technology Review article, it has potential to disrupt the existing conventional network technology that provided by Cisco or Juniper. We can explain about Nicira’s disruptive factor as well as some key features from Nicira whitepapers.

Well that’s it for now, more to come insya Alloh :D. I’ve done review on Remus, and I’ll post it in next few days 🙂

Sneak preview of Nicira (while testing Pinterest) :p

Source: nicira.com via Arinto on Pinterest

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