Intelligent Placement of Data Center for Internet Services

It has been a week since my last post :). Well, I was pretty occupied. Dealing with deadlines, and impromptu soccer + Paris trip :p. Well, back to business now. Here is my latest slide for EEDC assignment. It discusses about determining data center location, based on this paper, Intelligent Placement of Datacenters for Internet Services, by I. Goiri et al. It is pretty interesting because this kind of stuff is usually confidential information for the “juggernaut” of internet (Google, Facebook etc).

The writers propose framework to address the placement of data center then they manifested the framework into optimization problem. Goals of the optimization problem is to minimize cost of the data center while satisfying SLA requirements such as response time. They also proposes several solutions for the optimization problem and choose the best solution according to running time and output of the solution. They also characterized seven cities in US based on their framework. And another interesting point is the tradeoff analysis between the performance and the cost using the framework.

Without further ado, here is the slide:

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