Configuring Logging in Play 2.2.x

Well, actually it is pretty straightforward, just follow this Play 2.2.x documentation. But there is a caveat that costs me several hours to resolve.

Play Framework
Play Framework

Based on Play 2.2.x documentation , we should use `-Dlogger.resource` after the command `start` inside Play console, i.e

[OS-console] $ play
[info] Loading project definition from ....
[info] ...
..... //initialization message from Play
[play-console] $ start -Dlogger.resource=my-logging-configuration.xml

But what if we want to invoke it outside Play console? Does  this command below work properly?

play start -Dlogger.resource=my-logging-configuration.xml

Well the answers is NO!

So, I add some code on my controller to print the logging configuration file (which is logback configuration file) and Play does not consider the VM arguments (i.e. -Dlogger.resource) using above command. Logback  uses the default Play’s logger.xml in  `$PROJECT_HOME/play-2.2.x/repository/local/!/logger.xml`

So, to resolve this, we should invoke the “play start” command as below:

play -Dlogger.resource=my-logging-config.xml -Dother.vmarg=val start

That’s all for this month! See you (hopefully earlier than) next month!

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