golb” is the reverse of “blog” and “otnira” is the reverse of “arinto“, which is my first-name.

I myself can be described with these following keywords: engineer, distributed systems, Islam, Indonesia, traveling, football, Spanish, English, Javanese, Singlish, Jogja, Singapore, Barcelona, Stockholm.

Compile and build the keywords into meaningful sentences:

I am currently working as a Research Engineer at Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC), Singapore Management University. I am part of Real Time Analytics team, focusing on social-media data engineering. Our team are mainly using Elasticsearch and Apache Storm to process and store our social media data.

I graduated from European Master in Distributed Computing (EMDC) in July 2013. Indonesia is my origin. It is an amazing country with lots of cool places. I embrace Islam since I was born. Football is my favorite sport and I love travelling (adventure!) whenever I have time (a.k.a holidays) and money.

I lived in Jogja  since I was born for close to 2/3 of my current age. Then I moved to Singapore to continue my undergraduate study. After eight years there, I enrolled in EMDC which started in Barcelona and I was in Stockholm for my third semester. I did my last-EMDC-semester in Barcelona with Yahoo! Labs. And now, I’m working in Singapore. 🙂

I speak Bahasa Indonesia (native), Javanese (native), English, Singlish (Singapore-English, only spoken in Singapore) and  a little bit of Spanish (enough to converse in the market to bargain stuffs). Other than those humanly languages, I am also able to proficiently write in Java and now I am picking up Python. My primary editors are Eclipse, Vim, and Sublime Text.

Take a look at my resume and projects for further info about myself! *valid as October 2015

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