Previous projects, reports and presentations:

  • Scalable Advanced Massive Online Analysis (SAMOA, website), a distributed online machine learning framework. This framework is the result of our (I and Antonio) master theses with Yahoo! Labs Barcelona. My master thesis title is: Distributed Decision Tree Learning for Mining Big Data Streams. In this thesis, I integrated Twitter Storm into the framework. Moreover, I also implemented distributed classification algorithm called Vertical Hoeffding Tree using SAMOA framework. Here are the artifacts of my thesis: thesis report (pdf, slideshare), slides, compressed related work section. SAMOA will be released as open source in September 2013.
  • High Availability for YARN (post1, post2, report). This project is in collaboration with Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Short preliminary presentation can be found here. More comprehensive slides about the project result can be found here (pdf or pptx or slideshare).
  • Random walk in lastfm graph. Short post about it can be found here.(code)
  • Flume Event Scalability Analysis. Mini project to measure Flume scalability. (post)
  • Flume-based Scalable Independent News Aggregator. Project to develop news aggregator prototype using Flume, Amazon EC2, and Hadoop’s HDFS. (post, slides) Related posts in setting up Flume: Part 1, Part 2
  • Survey on Large-Scale Decentralized Storage Systems for Volunter Computing Systems. (post)
  • Parallelization of Smith-Waterman Algorithm, using C++ and MPI. (report)
  • Project report on Quantum Cryptography and Possible Attacks. (report, slides)
  • An Integer Programming Representation for Data Center Power-Aware Management, using CPLEX and Java. (report, slides)
  • Distributed Maze-Game. Mini project to developed distributed  game using Java and RMI. (code)
  • Agilent In Circuit Tester task scheduler module using C# and Windows Workflow Foundation. Reference will be provided upon request
  • Development of Test Debugging module in Agilent In Circuit Tester Series 5 project using Java and C++. Reference will be provided upon request

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