How available are they?

Well, it’s not really about relationship status :p.. since “they” are referring to distributed systems šŸ˜€ #geek

But it is about my latest review for a paper titledĀ titled “Exploiting Availability Prediction in Distributed Systems“, by James W. Mickens and Brian D Noble. As we all know, availability is one of the important properties of distributed systems. Availability is concerned with the capability of a distributed system to serving its client properly although there are some component failures inside the system.They argued that availability modeling is crucial to (generally) make the system better, in term of resource efficiency and understanding system-wide phenomenon. Therefore, they propose a new way to predict availability, and they applied the predictor to three case studies. They found that their predictor works well under test data and they successfully shows that good predictor can improve the systems. Continue reading How available are they?