Rise of Network Virtualization – Final

This is the follow-up-post of this post about EEDC project this semester. Well, I would like to have more time to polish my slides but that’s fine. It’s already past 🙂

I used historical perspective to discuss about the “rise” of network virtualization, in this context I focused on SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and it is all started in 2007. At that time, network are faster, but not better. It has several limitations such as high complexity in maintaining it, high possibility of policy inconsistent across devices in the network, inability to scale, and dependency on vendor. On the other hand, the need of new network architecture is crucial due to traffic pattern change (not only from client to server or vice versa, but also between nodes in server cluster), consumerization of IT, and rise of cloud service and Big Data. Continue reading Rise of Network Virtualization – Final

Rise of Network Virtualization

I’m planning to cover Network Virtualization topic for my next project in EEDC course. Main inspiration comes from this article from Technology Review, about Nicira. And here is my plan for the task that I present to our professor.

Network Virtualization is the next trend in Virtualization after OS virtualization. It allows user to easily reconfigure a network configuration in a cloud computing environment as well as increase security of the network.  Continue reading Rise of Network Virtualization