Wuala – P2P Distributed Storage

When I was looking for example of P2P distributed storage system, I came across video from Google Tech Talk about Wuala. Wuala is an example of distributed peer-to-peer storage system.  It used to be startup company, but LaCiE bought it in 2009. It allows you to store your data in the cloud, set up online back up and access your files, share your files with your friends easily, and access them from other computer.

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Why file sharing network is dangerous?

Recently I have just finished paper review assignment about file sharing network. The paper title is Why File Sharing Network is Dangerous? by M. Eric Johnson, Dan Mcguire and Nicholas D. Wiley. And I’ll present you, my summary:


The paper explains about security aspect of P2P file sharing network in term of confidential data exposure. P2P file sharing network is widely used now, and according to their research, the user base is doubled from 2003 to 2007. (yes it is paper from 2007!.. so not really the latest and greatest paper:)). Its analysis is based on 1st generation P2P file sharing network that are utilized by P2P file application such as KaZaA, Frostwire and eMule. Those application has common characteristics which is user needs to explicitly share the file and folder for downloading and uploading purpose. Continue reading Why file sharing network is dangerous?