Outdated sbt Tutorials at Twitter’s Scala School

I am currently learning Scala through Twitter’s Scala school, and I found that “Adding Dependencies”, “Packaging and Publishing” and “Adding Tasks” tutorials at Simple Build Tool section are outdated. And in this short tutorial, I’ll share how I perform the outdated tutorials usingĀ sbt 0.13.0.

This is Scala logo..
The logo of Scala

Adding Dependencies

Instead of creating a .scala file in project/build path, we can easily use the build.sbt file to add the required dependencies. Here is the snippet that should be added to build.sbt:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
"org.scala-tools.testing" % "specs_2.10" % "1.6.+" % "test",
"org.codehaus.jackson" % "jackson-core-asl" % "1.9.+"

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Kill Procrastination

I was looking for some slides template for Decentralized System presentation and I found this awesome slide – to kill evil beast called Procrastination!

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