Escape 2 Africa: Morocco!

Morocco, one of the few countries that I and my travel buddies, as Indonesian, do not need visa to visit 😀 It promises awesome deserts, ancient cities (they are called “medina”), cool masjids, ancient schools (madrasa), and many moree. Well, Morocco really keeps it promises! Here are five things that highlights our trip!

 1. Europe no more

Marrakech is the first city that we visit. At the moment we left Marrakech Menara airport, we already feel its huge differences to Europe feeling. No more gothic buildings, no more European-style orderliness. It is more like our country, Indonesia. The traffic, the people, the dynamics, the atmosphere!

Main public square in Marrakech
Jemaa el Fnaa, it’s a plaza in Marrakech with huge traditional market.

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Juventus Trip – Preparation

I’m a Juventus fan! And I’m lucky enough to watch them live on December last year. And here is the story of my trip to watch Juventus!
This is the 1st part of 3-part story that I plan to write. The 1st part is about the preparation before the trip. The 2nd part is about the match that I attended, and the last part is about Juventus Stadium Tour. :). And without further ado, here they are.. the 1st part about the trip preparation! Continue reading Juventus Trip – Preparation